Fix Slow speed on your computer

Are you facing a slow speed issue with your computer or Internet Connection ?

Yes , you are at right place. Now you can fix your computer and Internet issues yourself in 5 to 10 minutes by following these steps one by one.


For Slow Computer :

  1. Run Anti-virus , scan and remove all viruses and trojans from your computer.
  2. Delete all Temporary files from your computer.
  3. Run a Spyware tool to remove all the spywares. Spywares can steal your important information. If you shop online or use your credit card information on computer, spywares can be pretty harmful for you.

For Slow Internet:

  1. Delete extensions from all browsers.
  2. Remove any third party toolbar to prevent unwanted pop up ads from the system.
  3. Run adware removals to remove pop up or unwanted ads on your computer.


If still your problem is not solved, you can call  Tech Support that can access your system through internet and fix your problem online as that will be cheaper than taking it to Technician’s Shop.


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